"Berlin im Berlin"

I've had these pictures for a while already, never really got to uploading them.
They were shot for the Turkish Marie Claire a while ago, with the amazing photographer Koray Birand.
The bleached eyebrows gave me a perma bitch face, haha XD

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Today a package arrived (as usual :P), and it contained Guitar Hero for the Wii, yay!
The only problem is, my Wii hasn't arrived yet.

I hope it arrives soon, I feel a little silly for having Guitar Hero sitting around without a Wii :(

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Random pics, from a random person (not really, I'm just too lazy to write it all again after accidentally deleting what I wrote)

When I came back from holiday, I walked past a store in Groningen and my BF noticed this sign!
Somewhere in february they will get the new collection and they will have huge posters of me in the store front.
It's still amusing, and kind of surreal :) but I'm glad the pictures turned out OK!

And now for something completely different: they had goats where I went on holiday! I love goats n___n

They were very cuddly <3

Funky Star Wars subtitles...

I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and am actually currently saving up to buy a lightsaber complete with sound effects and stuff *blushes*..
So naturally I thought this was very funny:

Yep, you see it right, mistranslated Star Wars with Engrish subtitles!
And this is just the beginning, click here for the funninesses (you'll get it when you click the link..)!