Chokelate (chokelate) wrote,

A little update + Iron Gate Trade + Wishlist

First of all: People that have added me in the last year, I didn't use my LJ so I will be going through the adds and will add you guys :)

And second (most important bit): I'm looking to (partial) trade my iron gate skirt in black x white!

Moi Meme Moitie Iron Gate: (Partial) Trade within the EU only!
Proof picture here.
This is a super rare item and it's in a great condition. I feel like I'm not worthy of it though,
so depending on the offer, I might trade it.

*Please note that I won't trade this outside the EU
*Depending on your feedback/if I sold/bought/traded something from you before or the value of the trade,
I might ask you to ship it out first.
*I will only trade this for brand items, prints preferred.
*Partial trades are okay too :)
*For prints I'm looking for sets, so with a matching headbow (ideally with socks, but not needed)

Items I might partial trade it for (depending on the item ofcourse, for PC I don't expect a partial trade), but not limited to:

Alice and the Pirates:

Angelic Pretty:

Baby the stars shine Bright:

Juliette et Justine:

Mary Magdalene:


Victorian Maiden:

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