Friends Only

Most of my journal is friends only :) please leave me a comment if you add me! 
Also, don't worry if you want to add me, I don't bite! The only reason I had to f-lock stuff, is because some stuff caused a little trouble with people don't have anything to do with my online things n___n

A little update + Iron Gate Trade + Wishlist

First of all: People that have added me in the last year, I didn't use my LJ so I will be going through the adds and will add you guys :)

And second (most important bit): I'm looking to (partial) trade my iron gate skirt in black x white!

Moi Meme Moitie Iron Gate: (Partial) Trade within the EU only!
Proof picture here.
This is a super rare item and it's in a great condition. I feel like I'm not worthy of it though,
so depending on the offer, I might trade it.

*Please note that I won't trade this outside the EU
*Depending on your feedback/if I sold/bought/traded something from you before or the value of the trade,
I might ask you to ship it out first.
*I will only trade this for brand items, prints preferred.
*Partial trades are okay too :)
*For prints I'm looking for sets, so with a matching headbow (ideally with socks, but not needed)

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Still alive!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive (in case you didn't see my daily_lolita posts), but I post most of my updates on Facebook (Chokelate Milk) and I have started a *drumroll* blog!

The blog is about my work, paired with silly drawings, and I hope everyone enjoys it! I still need to find my "twist" in it, so it will probably change a lot :)

My blog:

Packing my bags and leaving

I'm finally leaving for London tomorrow!
My flight kept being cancelled or delayed, but now I'm finally going (I was planning this for months, no joke).
So euhm, I'll see you guys in a month! I will hopefully have internet there, but you can never be sure!

A short video I did

I did this video for the product line called Blend by Keune, it was shot somewhere around June/July last year, I thought I'd share!
Also, I didn't do the voice, in case people are wondering, I think the other girl did.

Grow up and blow away

I have the most amazing chocolate ever!
It's white with almond crème filling, it's.... divine *drools*

Now you guys all know why Chokelate is my nickname, I love (like..crazily obsessed with it, not normal love) chocolate and sadly that was already taken as a username.

Sorry for the boring post, here have a picture of my kitty Momo <3

Blonde part I

I appointment down, one to go. 
So, it's not completely blonde blonde, but it's definitely on the way to my goal! I'm going back to the
hairdresser at the end of the month to finally get my hair very light blonde. Though I'm already very
happy with the result! This is actually how my hair looks like naturally, well.. maybe this is a little more
orange, but I've got toner shampoo for that n____n

So what do you think, is it an improvement?

(my apologies for the crappy cellphone pic, didn't have anything better.. and my photographer.. erm, boyfriend wasn't there to take a quick pic :P )